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    Faction has teamed up with Awayco to allow our fans to test our tools of escape in special locations around the globe.

    Awayco allows you the freedom to pick up the perfect ski for each day - whether that’s the super-fat CT 5.0 on a pow day or the crud-busting Dictator 2.0 once the snow tracks out. Just grab the ski you need that day and go shred.

    The Faction and Awayco partnership will allow you to easily try before you buy, avoid the headache of excess baggage while traveling, and to snag the ideal ski on any given day.

    How Does It work?

    Faction and Awayco share a vision that digital consumer behaviour in the outdoor industry should not come at the cost of local specialty retailers. We think it should be the opposite.

    Together, we see a better way for fans to test our skis and strengthen their connection to The Faction Collective. It’s quick, easy and allows you to plan ahead online, and connect to the local knowledge, people and culture at your Awayco dealer.

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