Faction Black Dancer Poles
Faction Black Dancer Poles
Faction Black Dancer Poles
100 - 135

Dancer Poles Black


Faction Black Dancer Poles

Pole size guide


  Skier Height (cm)

  Skier Height (Ft)

  Pole Length (cm)

  145 cm or less

  4'9'' or less

  100 cm or less

  145 - 153 cm

  4'9'' - 5'

  105 cm

  154 - 160 cm

  5' - 5'2"

  110 cm

  161 - 168 cm

  5'2" - 5'6"

  115 cm

  169 - 175 cm

  5'6" - 5'8"

  120 cm

  176 - 183 cm

  5'8" - 6'

  125 cm

  184 - 190 cm

  6' - 6'2"

  130 cm

  191 cm +

  6'2" +

  135 cm


Finding the correct ski pole length is crucial for optimal performance. Utilize the angle rule: flip a ski pole upside down, and grasp it just below the basket. Your elbow should comfortably rest near your hip with a 90-degree arm angle.

If poles aren't available, use a tape measure with your elbow bent at 90 degrees, adding two inches for snow submersion.

(For park skiing, shorter poles aid balance and avoid interference.)

Refer to our size chart for guidance.

Shaft Materials: Our ski poles are made in aluminium, renowned for their durability and affordability, are suitable for regular use, enduring significant wear and tear.

Basket Types: Ski pole baskets prevent excessive sinking into snow. Standard baskets, are prevalent on the slopes. Larger baskets, are optimal for deep powder conditions. Interchangeable or replaceable baskets accommodate various skiing preferences and conditions.



Designed to match our brand-new Dancer Series skis, the Dancer Poles are made to enhance your shred all over the mountain. Strong, lightweight aluminum with 2K soft ergonomic rubber grips and adjustable straps ensure comfort and dependability when you need it most, whether you're arcing high-speed turns, or planting to avoid that incoming tree.

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