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Candide's Signature Skis

    Candide with CT 2.0

    Candide never settles. He's constantly innovating and refining to achieve the perfect product. This is true of his award-winning film projects, and this is true of his Signature Series skis.

    The 20|21 CT Series features both redesigned models and updated core profiles. The result: A highly intuitive ride on the mountain, making it easier than ever for you to emulate Candide's skiing style.

    Signature Shape: All CT models

    For the 2021 season, all of the models in the CT Series benefit from the Candide Thovex Signature Shape: moderately tapered tips and tails are complemented by an Elliptical Radius Sidecut for efficient, precise handling and carving. This shape is adapted proportionally from Candide's personal favorite: the CT 5.0. The magic shape is retrofitted for each CT Series sibling in a precise delta.

    The Elliptical Radius Sidecut is longer under the foot and shorter in the tip and tail; with this you can carve fast, swooping turns like Candide one moment and throw the skis completely sideways the next — perhaps to avoid an obstacle in your way, or maybe just for the fun of it - feeling totally confident that you won't hook an edge.

    CT Series Luxe

    Signature Flex: All CT models

    The combination of stiffer tips and tails and a softer mid-section help you to blast through crud and stomp landings, without sacrificing the ability to butter and smear. The stiffer tips & tails ensure a chatter-free experience and provide vibration absorption on landings.

    Signature Stance: All CT models

    Candide mounts his bindings at the narrowest point of the ski. Mounting at this point ensures absolute ease of pivoting, and grants you the gift of cat-like maneuverability. Or should we say, Candide-like? The recommended mounting point is marked on the ski sidewall.

    Total Redesign: CT 1.0

    The CT 1.0 now features the Candide Thovex Signature Shape, Flex and Stance. The 1.0 boasts a near-symmetrical build; this design feature provides for an effortless switch-skiing experience. Additionally, Candide and our engineers implemented Titanal and rubber in this ski — in the form of a Stomp Pad - for a bomber construction that will stand up to hard hit after hard hit. The CT 1.0 is built to last.

    You'll love the CT 1.0 if you like to hit the park with a precise-shaped ski; you like to carve tighter style turns; you want to be able to go backwards or land switch; you like to butter your turns and work on your style.

    Total Redesign: CT 2.0, CT 2.0x

    The CT 2.0 and CT 2.0x also benefit from a complete redesign for the 2021 season, featuring the Candide Thovex Signature Shape, Flex and Stance. With a 102mm waist, these models masterfully pop off the booters, butter over the rollers and whip effortlessly between turns. Candide's special shape provides the ideal blend of edge hold and smearing/pivoting.

    The CT 2.0 and 2.0x also feature the Titanal/Rubber Stomp Pad for noticeable absorption on big landings. The CT 2.0 and 2.0x are built to last.

    You'll love this ski if: You like to hit every feature that you can find (the mountain is your playground); You like to carve tighter style turns; You want to have a little float when you occasionally hit the pow; You want to be able to go backwards or land switch.

    New Core: CT 3.0, CT 3.0x

    The 112mm-waisted CT 3.0 and 3.0x have their own cult following; these skis are the ideal "daily drivers" for skiers residing in regions with abundant snowfall, or those who regularly travel in search of deep snow. The playful shape of the CT 3.0 and CT 3.0x allow these skis to easily butter and wash out for jibbing, and also hold a strong edge when you crank up the speed dial.

    For the 2021 season, these models feature a new, poplar wood core. Poplar wood is beautifully lightweight - just like the paulownia wood that was used in previous iterations - yet poplar is more rigid, offering enhanced durability and dampness for skiing at high speeds. The CT 3.0 and 3.0x are built to last.


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