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    We have teamed up with Stance socks to create a collab capsule of skis, poles and socks with the mesmerising artwork of Kengo Kimura.

    Using skateboards, snowboards and skis as his canvases, Kengo’s art is inspired by the mythical and wild, snowy mountains of his native Niigata, Japan. The Faction x Stance x Kengo Collab Pack features the Faction Prodigy 2.0 Stance Collab Ski, Red Faction Pole and the Stance Faction Spirit Sock.

    Prodigy 2.0 Stance Collab Ski

    The brand-new Prodigy 2.0 is the highest quality, most fun all-mountain twin-tip ski on the market.

    Packing all the right ingredients to help you pop, stomp and surf all over the mountain, its Poplar wood core is soft and poppy enough to butter those slushy rollers while maintaining stiffness underfoot, meaning the only way to beat your last run is to go back up for another one.


    Made from Merino wool, the Stance Faction Spirit Sock is the ultimate accessory to keep your toes toasty warm on the mountain. The ultralight stretch knit provides the benefits of Merino while avoiding bulky excess. Bunched up socks, be gone!

    Merino wool properties include anti-odor, great warmth-to-weight ratio and moisture wicking capabilities – making the Stance Faction Spirit Sock the most comfortable, high-performance choice for your feet.


    Kengo is the artist behind the 19/20 Prodigy 2.0 Faction x Stance Collab. The culture of “Yokonori” (riding sideways) inspired Kengo to pick up his brush.

    Coming from Niigata, the region with the heaviest snowfall in Japan, the natural forms and lines Kengo makes riding pow in the surrounding forests are transferred to his canvases — mixed with mystical elements and figures to create artworks that captivate the mind for hours at a time.

    The Japanese dynasty and temples capture Kengo’s imagination and flows onto his canvases through his fountain pen — reinterpreted with his own distinct style.

    Ukiyo-e is a strong influence in Kengo’s work. This ancient method can be translated as “pictures of the floating world”
    and depicts themes of beauty, poetry, nature, spirituality, love and sex.

    A Japanese Emperor is depicted on the Faction x Stance Collab products, immersed in intricate details of a playing card.


    Shingo is a freeride skier with a wild spirit. Harnessing the Prodigy 2.0 Collab ski and Stance Faction Spirit sock to keep things fresh on snow – and in his boots.

    Shop the Prodigy 2.0 Stance Collab Ski now by clicking on the button below.


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