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    FINALLY – After 2 months of confinement, Ben Buratti, the prodigy of French freesking, needed to feel what he was of capable again. As a setting, he chose his home mountain of La Clusaz. What skier doesn’t dream of finding themselves completely alone on their home mountain? A dream that generates a lot of emotion and unearths even more questions.

    Directed by: Andy Collet & Marc Augey
    Mix & Sound design: Theo Delarche
    Production: Andy Collet in association with Alex Hamelin & PVS Company.
    Cinematography: Marc Augey, Andy Collet , Antonin Claude, Vincent Ricci.
    Drone: Sandy Collet / Drone FPV : Hensli Sage
    Photography: Germain Felix Favre
    Logistics: Alex Hamelin, Clement Grand Jacque, Fabien Nieto, CarpeDiem Evenement, Damien Duport, Manon Payot, La Satelc, Mathieu Pissard, Hugo Pollet Thiollier, Francois Pollet Thiollier, David Bretineau, Hubert Pollet Villard et Fernand Laplace
    Music: Artlist
    Shot Location: La Clusaz, France

    Starring: Ben Buratti

    Photos by: Andy Collet & Germain Felix Favre

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