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    A Film featuring Sarah Hoefflin

    Synopsis: Absorbed in après ski, Sarah Hoefflin has forgotten she has a dinner reservation. With the restaurant calling and the clock ticking, she puts her skis on to navigate the steep and winding streets of Leysin to reach the restaurant before her fondue spoils.

    Both fascinating and ruffling the locals, she descends through alleyways, over roofs and under trains on her adventure through the sleepy village of Leysin, her favorite resort nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

    Moitié-Moitié, meaning half-and-half, the name of the traditional Swiss fondue, can’t wait on the table for long and Sarah arrives just in time.

    Inspired by the late J.P. Auclair’s iconic street segment from All.I.Can. by Sherpas Cinema and Imagination by Tom Wallisch, Moitié-Moitié takes a humorous and charming view of freestyle skiing and brings it into an adorable Swiss ski town.


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