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Our most-loved twin-tip skis


    Maxing out on progression, expression and style

    Enabling free movement on the mountain and flying above it, our twin-tip skis have been the tools of choice for some of the most influential freeskiers and park athletes in the world, winning big in medal tables at the X Games, Olympics and FIS World Cup events. 

    The Faction Collective Twin-Tip Favorites

    Our best-selling skis, the Prodigy 2 and Prodigy 2X (98mm) unlock progression for the best skiers on Earth and budding skiers alike. The skis' forgiving flex pattern, lively poplar wood core and free-flowing elliptical sidecut enable buttering, smearing and popping in the park, as well as full-confidence carving and performance across the entire mountain.

    The Mana 2 and Mana 2X (102mm) are precision freeskis that are ideal ski for skiers looking to transition from all-mountain, to freeride, to freestyle terrain. With stiffer tips and tails as compared to the Prodigy, the Mana thrives at higher speeds and navigating varied snow conditions. A rubber/carbon stomp pad keeps the ski strong enough to take hit after hit. Enjoy the finest, most durable Austrian construction, powered 100% by renewable energy.

    "The Prodigy 2 is a well-known all-terrain crusher and has been for years now. Its versatility was a huge plus for our testers out at Sunshine Village because they truly were skiing the whole mountain. With plenty of freestyle chops, these things are as happy spinning as they are carving trenches on groomers. The solid flex is a huge asset when charging, but the rocker leaves just enough playfulness for butters." 

    "Playful, responsive and loaded with energy. The Prodigy 2 is a mega fun, pop-and-rock-'em plaything. The all-mountain-meet-freestyle mix works infectiously well across the whole mountain. It's so much fun on the groomers, encouraging you to use the natural rollers to get some air, or pop off the sides for some switch style." 

    "The Mana 2 was most impressive while wiggling through tight trees in search of the last vestiges of a pow day, and both fun and capable in all types of conditions and terrain, from the groomers to the glades to the steeps. But best of all, it was a no-nonsense sender that shined brightest in soft snow and embraced the sensation of stomping a big air, which there’s nothing quite like" 

    "The Mana 2X is completely at home in just about every corner of your favorite mountain. The stiffness incorporated in the tip and tail helps create stability when skiing at faster speeds and the underfoot flex gives you plenty of pop when carving tramlines... before long you won't be able to resist its urge, hopping off the groomed pistes, blasting across the bump fields, laying your line across the powder; you'll be ruling the whole mountain" 

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