Faction x PSIA

We at Faction are thrilled to continue our partnership with PSIA this season. To show our appreciation for the incredible work you do in elevating the world of skiing, we're excited to introduce an exclusive offer that promises to take your skiing adventures to new heights, on and off the clock.

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Our Deal for PSIA:

As professionals operating on the mountain, you need reliable ski equipment that will get you and your clients where you need to be, no matter the conditions. The Dancer and Agent series are the perfect match, as you deliver world-leading experiences and savor your free time. 

The Dancer combines a sustainably sourced wood core with thin metal layers for a perfect balance of light weight and agility with stability and edge grip at high speeds. Its generous rocker-camber design excels across all conditions, ensuring maximum versatility when skiing fresh corduroy, powder, or variable conditions in your favorite couloir.

The Agent is our modern, lightweight hybrid/touring ski that strikes the balance of uphill efficiency and epic downhill performance. Its light Karuba wood core adds a responsive, rebounding flex and is bolstered with a carbon weave to boost rigidity and stability, with minimal weight. The Agent series is the perfect companion while you’re searching for early season backcountry treasures, or have your eyes set on that springtime couloir mission. Equally, for those seeking a super-light all-mountain ski, many instructors mount this ski with a traditional alpine binding.

This season we are offering you an exclusive deal to connect you with the equipment you need to do your best work on the mountain. As PSIA members, you are eligible for The Pro Collective program, where you will have access to the Dancer and Agent series at exclusive pro pricing of -62%.

How to Apply:

Securing your PSIA member exclusive discounts is quick and easy. Click the link below to apply:

A photo of your valid PSIA membership card functions as your proof of employment.

We are grateful for your dedication to the world of skiing and making our sport safer and more accessible. We look forward to being a part of your continued success on the mountain.

For any questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at info@factionskis.com