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Our award-winning skis for 23|24

    We've got medals to back it up.

    Yet another successful year for our skis

    It is one of our most decorated collections. Our skis raked in 25 awards from publications that demand the highest respect in the game. Skis from across all our categories drew acclaim. Whatever your mode of freeskiing, we have an award-winning ski to match.

    Competition is stiffer than ever, with the bar climbing higher each year - our product succeeds under even more scrutiny and thorough testing than ever before. Each of these awards represents many hours of work by expert testers, and we're grateful for the time, dedication and attention-to-detail that is put in by every person involved.

    Tap on any of the series tabs below to explore the awards.

    Dancer Series

    Our all-mountain freeski flat-tail with dual metal. Built for speed, ultimate edge grip and control throughout charging turns. Brought into the modern day with a slight tail rocker, this shape is easier than ever to slash your turn into a slarve and won’t hook up in fresh conditions.

    Faction has always delivered in spades with its twin tips, but the infusion of freeski DNA into the flat tails is delivering a winning cocktail.
    FREESKIER Magazine

    DANCER 1/1X

    120/86/110mm ALL-MOUNTAIN

    Agile, fluid and stable, it is ideal for those looking for a precise and controlled skiing experience.
    The Pill


    Editor's Choice 2024 | The Pill
    Best Women's Frontside Skis of 2024 | Ski Magazine
    Best Frontside Skis of 2024 | Ski Magazine
    Best Frontside Skis of 2024 | Outside Magazine

    DANCER 2/2X

    127/96/117mm ALL-MOUNTAIN

    The Dancer 2 showed unfailing ease and even more so when the terrain becomes less sanitized, because it is there the Dancer 2 just starts dancing.
    Skieur Magazine


    Tester's Choice | SkiTalk
    Tester's Choice | Forecast
    Blister Recommended | Blister
    Tester's Choice | Skieur Magazine

    DANCER 3/3X

    134/106/124mm FREERIDE

    Quick and light, it was a blast to carve on the groomed and bang through bumps, and incredibly stable, both at speed and in variable snow.

    Hold on tight and have fun, you’ll have to wait for your friends because you’ll be the first one down.
    Ski Magazine


    Editor's Pick | FREESKIER Magazine
    Blister Recommended | Blister
    The Best All-Mountain Wide Skis of 2024 | Outside Magazine

    Agent Series

    Our lightweight free-touring skis with downhill focus. Their versatility on both the uphill and downhill has earned these skis a long list of accolades since their inception.

    AGENT 2/2X

    127/96/117mm TOURING

    Faction’s Agent 2X proved to be one of the most well-rounded women’s-specific skis in our test, one that built our confidence on the skintrack as well as in any terrain we pointed it back down.
    Outside Magazine

    For skiers who want a do-it-all ski for both backcountry and resort.


    Ski of the Year - Tour | Skialper Buyers Guide 2024
    The Best Women's All-Mountain Skis of 2024 | GearJunkie
    The Best Women's All-Mountain Skis of 2024 | Outside Magazine

    AGENT 3/3X

    134/106/124mm FREERIDE/TOURING

    A FREESKIER-favorite year after year, the Agent 3 continues to top the list because of its lightweight-yet-chargey construction.
    FREESKIER Magazine

    This is the perfect ski for freeride-focused skiers seeking out fresh turns: perfect for butters, slashes, and a perfect center of gravity for cliffs and airs.


    Editor's Pick | FREESKIER Magazine
    Buyer's Guide Select | Backcountry Magazine
    The Best Backcountry Skis of 2024 | GearJunkie
    Smart Choice - Free | Skialper Buyer's Guide 2024
    Blister Recommended | Blister
    Editor's Choice | Fall Line Gear Guide

    Prodigy Series

    Our all-mountain freestyle twin-tip. A fan favorite for the ages; the iconic surfy twin-tip ski delivers progression and expression for skiers of all levels.

    PRODIGY 2/2X

    127/98/119MM ALL-MOUNTAIN

    It's the type of ski that feels like you've been skiing on it for years - it makes skiing easier.
    Ski Canada Buyer's Guide


    Tester's Choice | Ski Canada Magazine


    140/116/132MM FREERIDE

    It effortlessly butters and smears, stomps big airs, and nimbly dances through pow-laden forests. Complementing its prowess in the deep stuff, the ski reliably holds its edge and is highly adept in tight-turning scenarios, for the days spent impatiently waiting for the next storm.
    Blue Tomato


    Tester's Choice | Skieur Magazine

    Mana Series

    Premium twin-tip for precision freeskiers. A carbon weave and poplar core with a carbon & rubber stomp pad makes for a torsionally strong ski for the highest level of freeriding.

    MANA 2/2X

    131/102/127MM ALL-MOUNTAIN

    Both fun and capable in all types of conditions and terrain, from the groomers to the glades to the steeps.


    Editor's Pick | FREESKIER Magazine
    Best of 2024 | Blister
    Ski of the Year 2024 - Women's Freeride | Fall Line

    MANA 3/3X

    140/112/134MM FREERIDE

    It’s the playful, surfy, quiver-killer freestyle ski from Faction.
    FREESKIER Magazine


    Editor's Pick | FREESKIER Magazine
    Recommended| Blister

    Studio Series

    Developed directly with our athletes, this premium twin-tip excels at park and pipe, featuring at the highest-level competitions and events.

    STUDIO 1/1X

    120/90/120MM PARK/PIPE

    These park slayers had our squad swapping more and spinning faster than any other.


    Best of Test | Newschoolers
    Ski of the Year 2024 - Women's Freestyle | Fall Line

    La Machine Series

    Progressive, ultralight free-touring skis. Uphill machine, unlock a dream. Featherweight carbon and Pawlonia wood construction makes for exceptional performance for longer tours.

    Faction’s La Machine series is proof that lightweight touring skis don’t need to be boring.
    Ski Magazine


    124/99/116MM TOURING

    Who knew a backcountry ski could be so playful?
    Ski Magazine

    Buyer's Guide Select | Outside Magazine
    Best Backcountry Skis of 2024 | Outside Magazine
    Best I Test | Fri Flyt


    132/109/124MM TOURING

    This ski offers the same amount of float as its wider counterpart, but is more versatile and responsive in less snowy conditions. The progressive rocker makes the ski turn-friendly and agile in all conditions you may encounter in the backcountry.
    Blue Tomato

    Blister Recommended | Blister
    Best Backcountry Skis of 2024 | GearJunkie


    148/126/139MM FREERIDE

    Its progressive and ultra-rockered shape will have you floatin’ like the yacht of your dreams, along the deepest backcountry runs you can search out.



    Blister Recommended | Blister

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